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                                                            Actuarial Links


Actuarial profession

Recruiters/Jobs for Actuaries

Actuarial Education in Academia/Universities

Actuarial Professional Organisations

Other Actuarial/Insurance Organisations

Insurance Supervision

Actuarial/Insurance Research Papers


Finance/Financial Mathematics  

History of Actuarial Science and Mathematics


Actuarial Journals

Digital actuarial and mathematical libraries

Actuarial publishers



Actuarial Researchers

Other sites of interest






Actuarial Profession  

·        Actuarial Profession (brochure of the International Actuarial Association)

·        What is an Actuary?

·        Jobs Rated Almanac

·        Brochure International Actuarial Association

·        Fundamental Concepts of Actuarial Science  


Recruiters /Jobs for Actuaries

·        Jobs Rated Almanac

·        Actuary Jobs from D.W. Simpson

·        The Emerald Group

·        QED Actuarial

·        Darwin Rhodes

·        Hanover Search


·        Actuarial Jobs

·        Davids & Co

·        Proactivity.Net (on-line job site for actuaries/actuarial students)

·        Worldwide Job Market for Mathematicians

·        Other links



Actuarial Education in Academia/Universities  


·        United Kingdom

·        Heriot-Watt University

·        City University, London

·        University of Kent at Canterbury

·        Statistics and Actuarial Studies at Swansea, Wales

·        LSE

·        Europe

·        Universidade Technica de Lisboa

·        K.U. Leuven(Belgium) 

·        Laboratory of Actuarial Mathematics, University of Copenhagen

·        Department of Actuarial Science, University of Amsterdam

·        ETH, Zurich

·        Institute of Actuarial Science at the University of Lausanne

·        University of Karlsruhe

·        Stockholm School of Economics

·        Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, 

Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, Probability and Statistics Department (Ukraine)

·        University of Amsterdam

·        Institut de Science Financiere et D'assurances

·        Actuarial Summer School, Warsaw, Poland


·        United States of America

·        The University of Iowa

·        Ohio State University

·        Boston University

·        University of Texas, Austin

·        University of Wisconsin at Madison

·        George Mason University

·        Georgia State University

·        University of California, Santa Barbara

·        Drake University

·        Purdue University

·        University of Nebraska-Lincoln

·        University of Connecticut

·        University of Louisville

·        University of Michigan

·        University of Northern Iowa

·        Canada

·        University of Calgary

·        Laval, Quebec

·        University of Manitoba

·        Universite de Montreal

·        Simon Fraser University

·        The University of Waterloo

·        University of Western Ontario

·        University of Toronto

·        University of Alberta

·        Australia

·        Macquarie, Sydney

·        University of Melbourne

·        University of New South Wales, Sydney

·        Australian National University

·        South Africa

·        University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

·        Israel

·        Haifa University


·        International Actuarial Association list

·        Balducci list

·        Society of Actuaries list

·        Asia-Pacific list



Actuarial Professional Organisations

·        International Actuarial Association(IAA)

·        Association of Consulting Actuaries

·        Faculty and Institute of Actuaries (UK)

·        Canadian Institute of Actuaries

·        Society of Actuaries

·        Casualty Actuarial Society

·        American Society of Pension Actuaries

·        American Academy of Actuaries

·        Institute of Actuaries of Australia

·        New Zeland Society of Actuaries

·        Instituto Brasileiro de Atuária (Brazil)

·        Asociacion Mexicana de Actuarios, A.C. (Mexico)

·        Institute of Actuaries of Japan

·        Actuarial Society of Hong Kong

·        Actuarial Society of Malaysia

·        Actuarial Society of India

·        Singapore Actuarial Society

·        Actuarial Institute of the Republic of China

·        Actuarial Society of South Africa

·        Israel Association of Actuaries

·        The Groupe Consultatif (European Union)

·        Dutch Actuarial Association

·        Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung (DAV, Germany)

·        Society of Actuaries in Ireland

·        Swiss Actuarial Association

·        L'Association Royale des Actuaires Belges (Belgium)


·        La Fédération Française des Actuaires (France)

·        Institut des Actuaires (France)

·        Instituto de Actuarios Espańoles (Spain)

·        Instituto Italiano degli Attuari (Italy)

·        The Danish Society of Actuaries

·        Actuarial Association of Finland

·        Swedish Actuarial Society

·        Actuarial Association of Norway

·        Česká Společnost Aktuárů (Czech Republic)

·        Hungarian Actuarial Association

·        Ukrainian Actuarial Society

·        Russian Actuaries

·        Other (IAA complete list)  




Other Actuarial/Insurance  Organisations

·        Actuarial Foundation

·        Actuarial Education and Research Fund

·        American Mathematical Society

·        American Risk and Insurance Association

·        Consulting Actuaries

·        Geneva Association

·        Huebner Foundation and Geneva Organisation

·        International Association of Consulting Actuaries

·        International Insurance Society

·        International Pensions Research Network

·        International Risk Management Institute

·        International Social Security Association

·        Insurance links

·        National Association of Insurance Commissioners

·        Other organisations (complete list of the IAA)



Insurance Supervision

·        Insurance Web portal of Ukraine

·        All-Insurance (Russia)

·        Other links (Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis)



Actuarial/Insurance Research Papers

Australia - Macquarie University

Australia - University of Melbourne

Australia - University of New South Wales

Belgium - K.U. Leuven

Belgium - Université Catholique Louvain

Canada - Balducci's actuarial preprint service

Canada - University of Toronto

Canada - University of Waterloo

Canada (Quebec) - Université Laval

Denmark - University of Copenhagen   

Denmark - MaPhySto

EU - Groupe Consultatif

EU - Groupe Consulltative

Germany - Karlsruhe

Germany - Mannheim University

Germany - Munich University of Technology

International Association of Insurance Supervisors

International Social Security Association

Norway - Norges Handelshoyskole

Switzerland - ETH 1| 2

Switzerland - HEC Lausanne

Switzerland - Risk Lab

UK - City University, abstracts

UK - City University, search

UK - Heriot-Watt University

UK - Pensions Institute

UK - The Genetics and Insurance Research Cenntre

USA - Actuarial Education and Research Fund

USA - Casualty Actuarial Society

USA - Huebner Foundation (Published Papers) <

USA - Huebner Foundation (Working Papers)

USA - Office of the Chief Actuary

USA - University of Iowa

USA - Wharton Financial Institutions Center

World - GeneralCologne Re

World - Swiss Re

World - Tillinghast

World - Value at Risk Working Papers

World – Research papers @ CREDIT LYONNAIS


·        Economics Working Papers :WoPEc

·        National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

·        Other links (Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis)




Finance/Financial Mathematics  

· (Chicago, USA)

·        Math Finance (Germany)

·        Bachelier Society

·        Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering Links and Events


·        WILMOTT

·        Certificate in Quantitative Finance (WILMOTT CQF)

·        Haas Business School, University of California (Masters in Financial Engineering)

·        FAME PhD program (Geneva, Switzerland)



History of Actuarial Science and Mathematics

·        The Creation of Actuarial Science

·        About Scottish Book (Math from Scottish Café in Lviv)

·        Stefan Banach in the list of Notable People of Lviv

·        Biography of Stefan Banach

·        Other links (Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis)






·        International Actuarial Events Calender

·        International Congress of Actuaries (IAA)   

·        International Health Colloquium (IAA)

·        IAA Conferences and Seminars  

·        IAA Council and Committee Meetings

·        Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Events

·        Financial Mathematics Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

·        Conferences in Actuarial Science & Finance (Samos, Greece)

·        International Association of Consulting Actuaries 2002

·        International Research Conference on Social Security

·        Southern Risk and Insurance Association

·        SOA: Research Menu  

·        F&I of Actuaries

·        Other links (Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis)




Actuarial Journals


·        Actuarial Research Clearing House 1978-2000

·        Academic Actuary

·        Demography and Population Studies

·         Other: NAAJ ed. Table 2

·         Finance and Stochastics

·        Other math journals

·        Literature

·        Other links (Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis)




Digital actuarial and mathematical libraries


·        ASTIN Search

·        CAS Library Search

·        IME Search

·        Moscow Centre for Continuous Mathematical Education (MCCME)

·        MCCME online library (classical Soviet mathematical textbooks/books) 

·        Scientific Journal on Physics and Mathematics “Kvant

·        Other links (Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis)




Actuarial publishers


·        ACTEX

·        S.S. Huebner Foundation

·        Witherbys

·        TVP (Moscow, Russia)

·        Russian Actuarial and Insurance Literature

·        Other links (Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis)





·        Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis






·        APT

·        Actuarial Software Simpson

·        TeX Resources (TeX User Group)  

·        MikTeX (powerful TeX software for typesetting research articles)  

·        WinEdt (shell for MikTeX)

·        Other links (Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis)




Actuarial Researchers


·        International Directory of Actuarial Science Researchers

·        Jewell list

·        Homepages scientists, Balducci list




Other sites of interest


·        Bank of England

·        Debt Management Office

·        UK Treasury

·        World Bank

·        IMF

·        The Pensions Institute, Birkbeck College

·        RISK Mail discussion forum

·        The American Risk and Insurance Association

·        Financial Economics Network and others

·        International Association of Financial Engineers

·        Insurance Connections!

·        FTSE International

·        LIFFE

·        The Economist

·        Financial Times

·        Financial Times USA pages

·        Wall Street Journal

·        American Stock Exchange

·        Australian Stock Exchange

·        Investor WEB

·        Yahoo: Business and Economy: Markets and Investments



The Actuarial Links page of Prof. H. Wolthuis is strongly recommended for other very useful links.






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