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Last updated:  16 November 2005





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·         Upcoming conferences

·         Recent conferences





Upcoming conferences

28 May – 2 June 2006 – Paris, France
28th International Congress of Actuaries
Web site: http://www.ica2006.com/



June 2006– Lviv, Ukraine

                                           Second Ukrainian Actuarial Workshop on “Modern Integrated Insurer Risk Management: Profitability and Risk Management Instruments”

Invited lecturer - Dr. YuriyKrvavych (Actuary, Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia)



To participate in the workshop, please fill in and send us the registration form





Other conferences: please visit the page “Links” of the web site of the Centre.





Recent conferences

4-7 September 2005 – Zurich, Switzerland
36th International ASTIN Colloquium 

Organisers: Swiss Association of Actuaries, International Actuarial Association


Web site: http://www.astin2005.ch/



31 October –5 November 2004Sydney, Australia

IACA, PBSS (Pensions Benefits and Social Security Section of the IAA ) and IAAust Colloquium.

Organisers: IACA (International Association of Consulting actuaries), IAAust (Institute of Actuaries of Australia)




2-5 September 2004 – Samos, Greece

3rd Conference in Actuarial Science and Finance

Organisers: The Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, of the University of the Aegean with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Department of Applied Economics and Department of Mathematics), the Universitй Catholique de Louvain (Institute of Statistics and Institute of Actuarial Science) and the University of Copenhagen (Laboratory of Actuarial Mathematics)

Web site: www.stat.ucl.ac.be/Samos2004/


2-6 August 2004 – Lausanne, Switzerland

17th International Summer School 2004 of the Swiss Association of Actuaries on

 “Equity and Interest Rate Models: Theory and Applications”

Organiser: University of Lausanne

Web site (program):  www.saa-iss.ch

The number of participants is limited.



14 –16 June 2004 – Rome, Italy

IME 8th International Congress on Insurance: Mathematics & Economics

Organisers: The University Luiss “Guido Carli” and the Istituto Italiano degli Attuari (Italian Institute of Actuaries)

Web site: www.ime2004rome.com



6 –9 June 2004Bergen, Norway

ASTIN Colloquium.

Organisers: International Actuarial Association

Web site: www.actuaries.org



3 –4 June 2004Lviv, Ukraine

First Ukrainian Actuarial Workshop

Invited lecturers: Prof. Jan Dhaene (Belgium), Dr. Emil Valdez (Australia), Dr. Maciej Sterzynski (Poland)

Organisers: Actuarial Education and Reference Centre of the National University “Lviv Politechnica”



27 – 29 April 2004Dresden, Germany

Second International Health Colloquium.

Organisers: International Actuarial Association

Web site (program): www.gcactuaries.org/documents/iaahs_prov_prog.pdf




22 – 24  April 2004 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

6th International Professional Meeting for Leaders of the Profession and Actuarial Educators in Central and Eastern Europe.

Organisers: Croatian Actuarial Association, International Actuarial Association

Web site: www.aktuari.hr/dubrovnik-meeting.htm









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